Who we are

Production company founded in Madrid in 2019, although the truth is that we have been creating content for the internet for more than 20 years.

we produce films

We are now approaching the production of content that is more appropriate for the times we live in, adding to the freshness required the professionalism it deserves.

  • Film Direction

    We direct films and produce innovative, quality content with a strong commercial ambition both in the domestic market and expanding our sights to the international scene.

  • Talent

    We believe that the new times have shown that there are huge amounts of talent out there, every time we look around us, and that all that is needed is a little more technical and business support to achieve a cultural fabric like never before.

  • Creativity

    We believe that, right now, the natural ground for creativity is the internet and the success meter, the support of social networks. As a start-up of this production company, a bit between the joke of the team and the escalation to the absurdity of creative and expressive freedom that we want to carry as a flag.

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