The place where your ideas are possible. We have a large shooting area of more than 200 m2 with black and white cycloramas. For lovers of special effects, we also have a green chroma ready to become the canvas that your project needs.



Full day (8 hours): 150€.

Half Day (4 hours): 75€.

Single hours: 25 € (minimum 2 hours)

Single hours out of hours (from 19:00): 35€

Prices without VAT


Full day (8 hours): 200 €.

Half Day (4 hours): 120 €.

Single hours: 35 € (minimum 2 hours)

Single hours out of hours (from 19:00): 50 €

Prices without VAT


Flash extra: 25€.

Extra continuous light: 40€/2pcs

Bring your own halogens: 20€.

Place backgrounds without stepping 10 € 10

Meters of stepped backdrops: 10€ stepped meter

Prices without VAT

Your low-cost audiovisual studio

Discover our affordable photo studio in Madrid. We offer affordable prices for everyone, ideal to carry out your projects. Visit our set with cyclorama and creative spaces for your photo shoots. We have a wide range of equipment to meet your needs, we are waiting for you!


Use our space

686 84 98 77 | [email protected]


     Erzsébet királyné útja 96/B (1142, Budapest)


    We recommend checking availability according to date


    686 84 98 77
    [email protected]

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